For over 2000 years  you can hear the story of a man worldwide, who changed the world with his words and deeds. This story, the story of Jesus from Nazareth, has as well been told in Sömmersdorf.

Sömmersdorf is a small village with approximately 680 inhabitants, over 400 of them are involved in the passion play. It is located North of Wurzburg, near to Bamberg and Schweinfurt, not far from Frankfurt and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Worth to visit, and a great addition to every tour of Germany.

The open air theater with about 1,900 seats is located to the edge of a forest, giving the play an unparalleled natural attire.

We did not need an oath, the sömmersdorfer had passion, passion for acting, passion for the passion. Our play tradition is over 80 years old, dating back to the first performance in 1933. Forbidden under the Nazi regime, it still survived. Now it takes place every five years. „The story of the last days of Jesus is as old as our time reckoning,“ the Sömmersdorfers say, „but it’s a mirror of our life which needs to be told over and over again.“

Do not miss this unique opportunity. Next season 2024.

The passion:

  • specially created live music
  • orientalic food
  • about three hours playtime
  • living animals on stage
  • monumental stage setting
  • authentic historical costumes
  • brand new roofing in the spectator area

Ticket sale is starting in November 20th 2023.

For further information and guided tours please contact us via mail.